Funnel Analysis SQL Generator

Generate SQL to analyze multi-step funnel conversion for free, in seconds.

Supported dialects: BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, Spark, ClickHouse, DuckDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

Save time doing funnel analyses in SQL

Writing funnel analysis queries in SQL is hard! Use Baxter to generate your multi-step funnel queries instead.

Our queries expect a table (or view, or CTE) with event data. They support loosely ordered funnels that must complete within a duration.

Read our blog post to learn how our tool works and reach out to us if you have questions or requests!

user_id event_name event_timestamp
1 View Homepage 2023-01-01
1 Add to Cart 2023-01-01
2 View Homepage 2023-01-01
2 Add to Cart 2023-01-01
1 Review Order 2023-01-01
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Try out some of these common use cases

  • E-commerce
    Landing page conversions

    How well do your home page visitors convert? This query expects users to progress through your 5-step purchase funnel within 24 hours.

  • Email
    Campaign performance

    Do your SaaS app's email reminders convince users to invite more collaborators? Analyze this 3-step, 48-hour long funnel.

  • Sales
    Pipeline effectiveness

    Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales pipeline in Q4 2022. Your sales cycle is 60 days and encompasses a 5-step funnel.

What does each parameter mean?
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