You need to build your product and hire your founding team.

We are Baxter, a two–person team that does both in one tidy package.

What we do

We are a unique two-person full-stack engineering team. Vikram is a seasoned back-end engineer and startup CTO. Gabriel is an experienced lead front-end engineer with a design background and a passion for operations.

We have built products and teams at early stage startups for over a decade, and we work with founders to kickstart ventures.

With us, you can hire one team to:

  1. Build and iterate on a prototype or product that you bring to market
  2. Give you a technical foundation you can grow from
  3. Set up a recruiting pipeline and vet all your first engineering hires

We are an experienced, reliable team that ships, and we help founders like you meet new opportunities.

Who we are

Portrait of Vikram Oberoi

Vikram Oberoi

I've been an executive, manager, technical lead, and engineer at successful, high-growth venture-backed startups like Harry's and Cloudera.

Most recently I've worked with startups as an interim/fractional CTO and interviewed hundreds of engineers under the #CTO umbrella.

I once curated an Atari engineer's email inbox from the 80's and then appeared on a podcast about it, and I occasionally make adventure games with my wife.

Portrait of Gabriel Garrido

Gabriel Garrido

As a designer turned engineer, I've been a technical lead and front-end engineer for big companies and startups alike. I led the UI architecture team at Sephora and led front-end engineering at telehealth startup Sitka.

Most recently I've been working independently with founders as a lead engineer to scale their products and operations.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I'm a naturalist with a passion for permaculture and agroforestry. In my spare time I enjoy composing music, mainly for piano and synthesizers.

Our process

  • Discover

    We'll spend up to a week scoping and estimating what you're looking to do.

    We know startups are uncertain — so we'll work with you to look ahead and figure out how your priorities might change based on what you learn.

  • Ship

    We work together to build and interate the first version of your product.

    This is where we get something in front of you and your users, as quickly as possible, to iterate and learn.

  • Hire & Transition

    We'll work on building a recruiting pipeline with you from day 1.

    It can take time to find amazing candidates. As we hire your team and onboard them, we'll transition off your product.

Let's build your next venture, together.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to get started.

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