Understand user behavior without giving up user data.

Baxter enables deep-dive event analytics on your data warehouse.

Follow up on product analytic questions with ease

Existing product analytics suites fall short when you need to answer follow-up questions. Baxter helps you drill down without resorting to other tools.

1. Explore

“What percentage of each monthly cohort has activated?”

2. Investigate

“January is mostly inactive and February is active. How do those groups of users differ?”

3. Take action

”Get me a list of users who didn't activate in January.”

Integrate with your existing workflows

Don't send your user data to a third party

Get up and running with the data you already have: Baxter analyzes event data in your own data warehouse.


Use the SQL that Baxter generates for complex event analysis queries in your own data pipelines, dashboards, and notebooks.

Supported data warehouses and SQL dialects
  1. Snowflake Snowflake
  2. BigQuery BigQuery
  3. Clickhouse Clickhouse
  4. Databricks Databricks
  5. Redshift Redshift
  6. DuckDB DuckDB

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